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Google nest IQ

How long does a subscription last for a Nest camera? I’ve had no notification and mine seems to have stopped??? I can’t view any recordings or history… and more annoyingly I can’t seem to find a way to renew it!

Warren5 by Community Member
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Factory reset

I did a factory reset. Removed device from the app and tried to add it back on line. Provided 6 digit code but was unable to enter last 4 digits of S/N. I'm trying to do this remotely.

Bobagnew1 by Community Member
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Recently purchases Nest Battery Doorbell. I turned on notifications and locations. I can access video from google home / google hub. However, when ringing the doorbell, i cannot get video notification on phone or google hub. I only get the bell notif...

Mktran714 by Community Member
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Missing Wedge Screw

When installing my new Nest Doorbell (battery), I lost one of the wedge screws (that attaches the backplate to the wedge) and cannot find it. I need a replacement. Does anyone know the size of the screw so I can find one at a hardware store?

Nest outdoor camera replacement power cord

I have a Nest Outdoor cam, not the Nest IQ Outdoor cam. The power cable is not weatherproof as the outer wire casing has degraded and the bare wires are showing, badly. Can the power cable be replaced? If so, how do I get a replacement cable? Also, t...

Outdoor cameras won’t connect to new router

I bought 4 cameras and had an electrician install them. All the wires are in the attic. They were all working fine until I changed my internet provider and got a new modem. I can’t hook them up to my computer now that they’re all wired into the house...

mssbass by Community Member
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Not able to set up the build in nestcam

Hi, I have tried to set up my camera following the instructions below. When I get to scan the QR code, I can not find it. Where is the QR suppose to be displaying on the google next hub? The camera is built in. I select “no QR code” but then it asks ...

Adeve242 by Community Member
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