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Lost video footage

Hi there, I am having gaps in my video recording. I will have people or vehicles arriving but the not showing it leaving. People and vehicles leaving but failing to show them arriving, etc. How do I fix this and can I go back into my video history to...

BrixHouse by Community Member
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Cannot view Google Nest Cam (Wired) after changing wifi

I recently changed my home wifi network and have been unable to view the outdoor Nest Cam since. Google Home is asking me to migrate my Nest account but will not accept the Nest password. App will not let me change the password through the "forgot pa...

Battery doorbell keeps going offline

Is my doorbell defective? It keeps going offline. I've worked through all the help and support fixes and nothing works. When I'm out it seems to come back online.I appear to be one of many people that are having these issues. I've left feedback, sure...

Nathan_L by Community Member
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Nest outdoor CAMERA Stopped Working

I have read several other people’s cameras stopped working in the last month. Mine also stopped on Feb 21, 2022 with no power showing but the outlet has power. No one has had a reply as to what the issue is with all our cameras this past month nor ho...

nest doorbell audio

My doorbell audio is troublesome. I can hear the person inside talking but they cannot hear me speaking outside? Troubleshooting direction say i can adjust microphone and audio but my version has no adjustments? Where can i get help in resolving prob...

Nest Door Bell isNot Working

Just received Google Nest Door Bell and after two month it does not work. I keep try to submit a claim but it take me back to beginning of the claim when I answer the question or says to take it back to the store you bought it from. Unfortunately I d...

MarkLG by Community Member
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Outdoor cam full of water

My camera is wet on the inside. Don’t know if it is rain or condensation or something else.It has just gone out of 2 year warranty.Phoned for help but only got:1 don’t use it2 out of warranty so not interested 3 no advice on how to dry it outI bought...

RobertPTF by Community Member
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Nest web browser scaling

I am somewhat amazed / frustrated at the quality of programming for the Nest web browser. I have 8 cameras, and want to see them on a regular 16:9 monitor.The browser always shows a 2 column / 4 row formation (not even aligned, because the doorbell h...

AmonRa by Community Member
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