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Subscription info read

Hi I have a nest camera and Nest doorbell in England. I also have a Nest Camera at my apartment in Spain. At the moment I’m paying 2 subscriptions. Does it mean that I have to have 2 subscriptions or can I have just one ?

Chidham11 by Community Member
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New Indoor Nest Cam not visible on Nest

What the heck??I have a new indoor nest cam that I cannot see or manage when I login to my Nest account on my IMAC. I tried to add this to my Nest account, but was forced to use the Google Home App to set it up and migrate the account to Google Home....

Neatcam (battery) falling off magnetic mount

Hello - starting a new thread as this issue affected somebody who mounted their Nestcam to a flag pole. I have mine securely mounted to my building. On two occasions I’ve found my Nestcam on the floor. It typically happens when the battery is low. I’...

Mistryman by Community Member
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Resolved! Doorbell battery speaker

Hi just installed an nest doorbell battery but I need a speaker inside the house to announce when someone is ringing the bell I have been searching but the more I read the less I can figure it out thanks

Cru by Community Member
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Nest Cameras Are Constantly Offline

About 2 weeks ago, remote indoor and outdoor Nest cameras I have installed in a home began to constantly go offline. I know this is not a WiFi issue as my Nest thermostat is responsive and always responds immediately. When I called customer support, ...

Jim_F by Community Member
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Resolved! Wired door bell, can not find how to change the ring

Hello I can not find how to change the ring tone on this door bellEverything says click on the door bell and then the gear iconI see stuff like How to change your Nest Doorbell ringtoneOn your device, open the Google Home app.Find your Nest Doorbell ...

IMG_4067.PNG IMG_4068.PNG IMG_4069.PNG IMG_4070.PNG
paries by Community Member
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Where is my clip?

I saved a clip on my iPhone from the Google Home App. Where are the files stored on the device? Don't see that info anywhere. Not seeing it in my Files folder anywhere.

DavidQ by Community Member
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Can no longer see older cameras in google home

Today when I went to see my cameras in the Google Home app, I only see the newer cameras. The 3 older ones only show a black screen. I know they are working because I can see the history screenshot that is current. What gives?

Asuwsh4 by Community Member
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Doorbell 2nd gen (wires)

The 2nd gen doorbell is most of the time not connected I had the nest doorbell and I never had any connection problems but the battery went dead in that doorbell so I upgraded to the 2nd gen. It will notified me everytime but can't connect for video....

Lorek by Community Member
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