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Cameras and Doorbells

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Resolved! Can’t reconnect camera to google home

I have a google nest camera (wired 2nd generation) that I had connected to my google home app. I moved and didn’t think Id need it so I deleted it from my app. Now I’d like to add it back but it won’t allow me. It takes me through all the steps and t...

Kmm1126 by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Peeling

I need some help. I have a Nest Doorbell that was purchased and installed back in mid 2020. I started noticing that the clearcoat is peeling by the “ring”button. Not sure why, but I am just worried that the peeling is going to travel and affect the c...

Armus7 by Community Member
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Indoor/Outdoor Battery Nest Cam live feed in and out

I just connected one of my Nest Cams and it worked immediately without fault. But the minute I walked inside the live feed began cutting in and out. It will be on for a few seconds, then turn off for a few minutes. I tested the live feed on both my p...

ShannonA by Community Member
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Nest Wired Doorbell stopped at communicating

After updating our Nest App syncing with google home our doorbell stopped communicating. That was three weeks ago after multiple efforts and four hours of my life that I will not get back. I am told that our door bell warranty expired in 2019 and we ...

Nest Cam with Floodlight getting two IP's

I've recently noticed that my driveway camera (Nest Cam with Floodlight) goes offline constantly. It has gotten to a point where it seems that it stays offline more than online. I have it connected to my UDM PRO via a NanoHD access point. I finally h...

Mik3 by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Saving video thatts not an event

How do you save a video clip that didn't get registered as an event? There are a lot of things my cameras pick up that I would love to save but not all of them get registered as an event, like when the same car was driving slowly past the house for t...

Imtheguy by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Camera (Battery) will not show live video.

One of our camera will not show live video right now. It is plugged into AC power so it should display live video and not in any battery saver mode. It does still provide alerts when triggered and we can see video in the history but we want the abili...

BM5 by Community Member
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my doorbell camera lens is defective.

I have a gen 2 doorbell/camera. The camera lens is apparently defective. There is a blurry spot right in the center of the lens so there is no clarity of vision. I've had your service company, On Tech, look at it, but they tell me there is nothing th...

780 by Community Member
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More than 10 nest cameras on property

Hi all, Looking at installing more than 10 nest cameras on a property. I know the max number associated with a nest home is 10. Can anyone provide a solution?

Jbird1 by Community Member
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