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Getting google home camera into nest app

I use the nest app to monitor a number of devices. In stalled a floodlight camera but when you add the device in nest it says use Google home. The camera installed and works fine but I cannot get it into the nest app. How do I get the camera active i...

Peter_may by Community Member
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Lost small base plate screw.

I was reading a previous post and did the exact same thing. When mounting the base plate to the angled wedge, I dropped and lost one of the small wedge screws. Would like to know how I can get a replacement screw. Any information would help. Thanks

Markymark by Community Member
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Running Google products from two apps

I'm really disappointed with Google's way of handling their hardware devices. Some will work for Nest, some will work with Home, and even though the device clearly states Nest on the box it only works with Home. The whole smart home experience with G...

DDW by Community Member
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Nest wired doorbell

Migrated to Google from Nest App, thought I had to, without removing my brand new doorbell account from Nest first. Now I cannot add yo new Google account as it’s saying it’s already registered to another account. Literally had this two weeks! Any su...

rancher by Community Member
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NestCam battery set up

Hi. Trying to set up a new NestCam (battery). Bought set of two and both are failing to set up. Google Home app isn't seeing the device - they don't show up at all when going through GoogleHome add new device procedure. Restarted camera, restarted ph...

CC1 by Community Member
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Reconnecting doorbell

I recently got new WiFi and I tried to reset it on my doorbell and ended up deleting doorbell off of home, but every time I try to reconnect it, it tells me something is wrong and that I need to factory reset doorbell (15 second push on button on bac...

Gavin412 by Community Member
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