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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest doorbell chime wiring

I’m struggling with the wiring of my nest Doorbell (1st Gen). None of the videos or diagrams online are helpful with my situation. I’ve tried to do some trial and error to see which lines go to which doorbell (I have two at the house) and I have labe...

Apolet5 by Community Member
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Nest Cam doesn't connect to app

Hi all,I recently bought a Nest cam (battery). I was already a bit dissapointed finding out this nest cam doesn't work with the nest app, or my nest protect smoke detectors work with google home app. My main reason for choosing this, pretty expensive...

Google Nest camera smartthings on samsung TV

Good day I am trying to view my nest camera view on my Samsung Q60 TV through smartthings. It only loads and asks to refresh after a few seconds. One can refresh as much as possible with no change. It works fine on the smartthings app on my phone but...

Shaunhayc by Community Member
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No recording movement

The camera will not pick up any movement except for people, and then it's not picking them up until they are well into the zone. We have it set for animals, as we have trouble with wandering dogs...the camera won't pick them up. On the rare occasion ...

Google Nest Cam Wired Replacement Cable

Hi, I have a damaged cable to my wired nest cam? Is there anywhere I can purchase a replacement? The wall adapter is fine, it's just the cable that needs to be replaced.Thanks in advance.

zeus123 by Community Member
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Outside cameras all offline

All three outdoor battery WIFI cameras worked fine for several months after installation. All three stopped working at the same time. On my iPhone, they all report "device offline".I have rebooted our Wi-fi modem to no effect. I have also pressed the...

lgroner by Community Member
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Google Nest Doorbell metal plate

Hi, I lost the metal plate to my google nest doorbell (battery) again and I cannot mount it without it. Can I get a replacement plate? Thank you!

cwcw by Community Member
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@ links to members

I am having problems connecting to members, in this case EmersonB. My return messages have been rejected.DG

DG52 by Community Member
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Doorbell battery lasts about a week

Before I start, this is not a streaming issue but there is no option for battery issue.I have every option set to get the most battery life with the exception of the sensitivity which is medium. If I set it to low it does not detect anything.The only...

SethD2005 by Community Member
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