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Cameras and Doorbells

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Resolved! Nest cam with floodlight white base stuck to metal mount

I am in the process of mounting my new Nest cam with floodlight. I turned my back for a moment while a friend was looking at the camera mounts. The mounts are two pieces; one white one, to which you mount the camera, and one silver metal piece that y...

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Indoor Chime keeps updating software and disconnects

My indoor chime is right next to a Google Mesh Wifi access point so there should be no wifi connectivity issues causing this. I've reconnected the chime 4 times. It connects and then gets stuck updating its software and eventually disconnects. Is the...

Mounting Magnets

We have 2 Outdoor and @ Indoor Nest cams. In our current house we've been using them all inside for a new puppy. We're now moving to a house and want to mount the outdoor cams outside (likely purchasing mounting hardware). When viewing mounting hardw...

How do you contact a Senior Manager from Google?

Does anyone or has anyone ever tied to contact a Google manager about a complaint?Anyone buying Google merchandise beware, as if you have a complaint with Google, you will never speak to a manager that knows what they are talking about.I am shocked t...

Remote set up of Camera

So I have the QR code from my camera and the wifi ID/PW but need to set it up remotely (vacation home). Can this be done? What is the reason that I'd need to be at the property to set up the camera if I have all the proper information?