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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest cam (Battery) as wired

I just purchased the nest cam battery, and the weatherproof cables.I am planning on drilling holes in the Garage wall, to tunnel the cable to an indoor outlet so there are no exposed wires. Does anyone have any experience on how to do this? I can't f...

JW180 by Community Member
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Nest doorbell peeling solution

Hey guys, did anybody come up with a good solution for hiding the awful peeling on the Nest doorbell? Google does not want to replace it when not under warranty so I am trying to work around this manufacturer defect. I was thinking buying a silicone ...


Web app for view

The new Nest cameras are completely WORTHLESS without a web app.Why does Google TAKE PERFECTLY GOOD THINGS AWAY before building the REPLACEMENT? Exactly WHEN in 2022 are we going to see a Google Home Web app?

SjLincoln by Community Member
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Nest subscription

I have a Ring doorbell, I've just bought a Nest doorbell, and will get rid of the Nest I have a Nest aware subscription with the Ring doorbell, will I need to cancel it and start a new one when I set the new Nest doorbell up or can I transfer it over...

Daveya by Community Member
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Doorbell not staying on

Everyday I have to “turn on” my battery doorbell to start receiving alerts. Is there a fix to this to get alerts 24/7?

Chada48 by Community Member
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