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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Nest Camera Battery Notifications stopped working

After taking down two of my cameras to recharge the battery, Google Home stopped sending notifications for detected events. My other camera which is still running is still sending me notifications.I have tried resetting and factory resetting the two ...

AaronC88 by Community Member
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Why can't I save custom clips?

It allows me to download clips, but why can't I create me own clip to share? I caught a vehicle coming down my drive, past my camera, and it created a clip of it leaving. But nothing of it inbetween when it was sitting in front of my house. I have no...

Splooter by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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Nest Door Bell Camera Peeling

This what happens when you try to get Nest to replace a Door Bell Cam that is peeling, a product issue that only occurs beyond Warranty. They need to be Recalled and they know it. Hi! Welcome to Doorbell support. My name is Hollie. For future referen...

Nest Gen 1 & 2 Cams

I've been using Nest Cams for a while and decided to add some cameras to my home set up. I purchased three of the Nest Gen 2 battery operated cams and wanted to know how I could see them on my laptop with the rest of my home setup. I called Google an...


Does anyone know how to move a camera from an older account if you don’t know the account info?

Kilwins by Community Member
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Not picking up events

Hey! Have recently got a nest cam indoor/outdoor battery as we had an attempted break in. But it seems to be having trouble picking up events. The only time that they seem to register is when we are viewing the live stream of the camera. Apart from t...

Rackham by Community Member
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