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I recently moved, and now i cannot connect chromecast to the new wifi. I go on the app, press the + at the top, press 'konfigurera enhet' and then choose device, get connected and choose wifi. But then when i press ok it always says "can't communicat...

Bubble by Community Member
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Google Chromecast remote connection

Hi,I have a Fujicom TV, and have been trying to connect the chromecast remote to able to activate on/off, and volume controlls. There is no Fujicom option under the list of TV companies.

ssonkin by Community Member
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Resolved! Chromocast not working

Goodday. Before connecting to my wi-fi i get a message that this device has been manifuctered in a different country and will not be able to work here. And when i want to connect to my wi- fi i cant as it says i need to disable the AP function which ...

Resolved! Airplay 2 native support

Airplay 2 feature is missing from Chromecast. is there a plan to add this feature to chromecast with google TV which is your most advanced TV product ??I believe it is a good idea for this feature to be supported on Google TV directly from iphone scr...

Chromecast search result assistant talking

Ok, so I use the remote and do a voice search for "Sopranos". Sopranos is registerd as inout on the screen, but then the annoying google assistant voice starts talking about 'there are a few ways you can watch....." super annoying, and I cant turn th...

Knudipudi by Community Member
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Touch screen support

Hello, it would be nice to see if chromecast with google tv can support touch screen to ease of use. Thank you.

billycylo by Community Member
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Chromcast continues playing but link is lost

At random times Chromecast is playing but Home and the relevant app e.g. YouTube, Chrome, Disney+, Netflix show that casting is off and Home sometimes says that Chromecast isn't there. Chromecast continues playing the entire time. Eventually it recon...

CameronBW by Community Member
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Chromecast Google TV not able to Switch projector power on and off

I plugged in the Chromecast Google TV HDMI to my LG projector and did the set up. While it is able to cast all the Apps, the Google TV remote does not allow me to switch on and off the projector power. Tried adding the device and setting up the power...

PKS by Community Member
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YouTube App pending to download

Hi there! My YouTube on my Chromecast was acting funny so i decided to reinstall it.Only that unpon reinstalling, is not Pending with no signs of actual download. I have clear out all the cache to make sure is space, but i don't know what else to do....

AdaP by Community Member
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Windows 11 casting desktop to Chromecast Ultra severe lag

I just reinstalled my PC, formerly on Windows 10, now on Windows 11. When casting my desktop in Windows 11 to Chromecast Ultra this results in servere lag on the screen of the Chromecast. I did not have any issues using Windows 10. Is there a bug in ...

DrDilan by Community Member
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