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Resolved! how to play chromecast suggested youtube videos ?

HiI am casting video from my cellphone to TV. When video finishes, it shows some recomendations but I dont know how to play those ? My TV remote doesnt allow to manuver and my phone doesnt show same suggestions. Can someone help me how to play these ...

Chromecast Setup 1st Gen

We struggled getting a brand new Chromecast setup until we used an iPhone and it worked. We switched our original Chromecast to a different TV after it lost connection to wifi (customer service instructed us to factory reset, which we did) and now we...

Bluetooth freezing while pairing

I'm trying to pair a bluetooth device and the bluetooth subsystem seems to crash when I do that. The remote stops working and the whole chrimecast needs to be restarted for me to use the remote again. When I tried the remote app on Google home, that ...

taraba by Community Member
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Mirror my screen from a Samsung A13

Hi All When I try to mirror my screen to chromecast from samsung a13 it says this device is not optimized for mirroring. Is there anything O can do or is the phone not suitable Many thanks

Chromecast 4K with DTS?

Is anyone successfully using the Chromecast 4k to play back DTS encoded video and have DTS go to their surround amp?I've tried VLC with audio passthrough option on and I set the CC4K to output ac3 and dts in the settings too but it didn't work.I've t...

markdj by Community Member
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Ambient Mode/Freezing Chromecast to single photo

I am trying to get ambient mode to no longer show Google Photos, but just a single photo, maybe two. When I select "Google Photos" under "Ambient Mode" in the Google Home app on my iPhone, I may get the photos I want mixed in with the Google pictures...

Chromecast + Home Mini = Home Theatre

Hi, I have a chromecast with google tv (it should be the ultra I think, it's the one that supports 4k and has the remote control) and a google home mini which is connected via bluetooth to some speakers, when I play music on the home mini I hear it f...

_dav1d3_ by Community Member
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