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Need help with setup? Troubleshoot common Chromecast problems

Here are some steps we recommend to resolve issues during the setup of your Chromecast.Step 1: Things to check on your phone or tablet Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Turn off cellular/mobile data.This ensures your phone or tablet does not try to use mo...

David_K by Platinum Product Expert
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Chromecast location issues

I’m based in Australia and bought a 4K chromecast with Google TV via Amazon Australia. i have tried to install some Australian free to air TV apps (seven+, tenplay, ninenow, etc) but it says these items are not available in my country. So I’m assumin...

Bgrundy by Community Member
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Chrome cast, casting from android, no audio

when I start the cast everything works perfect, it displays my screen and plays audio. my problem is after about 10 minutes the audio cuts off and I have no audio. how do I fix this??

fast forward of recorded directtv stream content

I recently subscribed to directtv streaming. My problem is fast forwarding a recording to eliminate commercials. I can do this with my roku remote using the fast forward button >>. How do I do this using a chromecast remote?

Motorola G6 Cannot Cast Google Photos to Chromecast

My father has a Motorola G6 using Android 9+. He is visiting and able to cast YouTube to my Chromecast, but when he tries to cast a Google Photos album it does not work (black screen, then returns to TV home page. He also gets an error stating "Devic...

SandBee by Community Member
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Factory Reset Chromcast, now remote wont connect

I had to reset the factory setting on my chomrecast tv, but not my remote wont connect to the tv. i can not select the language to move forward with the setup after factory reset and the Masters is currently on. Need some help ASAP

Resolved! Can I install VTVgo on Chromecast Australia

Hi,Can I install normal apps on Play Store including VTVgo and MyTV on Google Chromecast? I will be using it in Australia. Thanks.

Leloi by Community Member
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Loading error- unable to load for you

Can someone please help, I can't seem to find an answer to this problem so I'm asking the community forum, can a techno person please reply.

Babajo66 by Community Member
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Chrome cast remote won’t pair

I’ve just purchased a chrome cast with Google tv and the remote won’t pair with the chrome cast. I’ve put in the batteries and a solid white light come on. I’ve tried to connect other remotes to the chrome cast but this doesn’t work either. I’ve trie...

Jgrah by Community Member
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