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Searching for a specific channel

During the setup, search across all apps was turned on. How do I turn it off? When I'm in Pluto TV, if I ask "Go to Johnny Carson TV" Chromecast goes to YouTube when I wanted a search within the app.

Kenneth47 by Community Member
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Chromecast no longer working since power outage

Had a power outage now no longer even picks up the chromecast and when I change the tv to hdmi1 which it is plugged into it just keeps making a repeated sound every 3 or so seconds. No picture. Have tried to reset it I even did factory reset on my tv...

Munted1 by Community Member
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Latest firmware update eta

Anyone know when we can expect the firmware update released late November to be available to download in Australia? I'm hanging out for a few of the fixes to things that were broken in the Android 12 update

Adsie by Community Member
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YouTube crashing

I had no issues with YouTube on my tv until it updated the other day. Now when I chromecast YouTube from my phone or the app on the tv it takes me back to the tvs Home Screen like someone hit the home button on the remote but nobody is touching it. A...

Chromecast picture on projector is over saturated and dark

I am using my Chromecast on a projector (Tkisko) via HDMI. The projector is very new, and it's home screen is at a full brightness level, so I really don't think it's an issue with the projector. But when I go to chromecast the picture is very dark a...

annimal by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Chromecast wifi issue: network requires authentication code

At the office, the wifi does not have a password, but an authentication code has to be entered on an intranet webpage, the first time a connection is made. (this is one of those co-working type buildings.)When I connect the Chromecast, it connects to...

hughmagen by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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CCGTV full remote in Home app

In the Home app, it tells me that "full remote is not available. Check device for latest update". But both my Samsung 4K TV and the CCGTV have newest softwate updates. In case it matters, I use the Google ethernet adapter power brick.

smyzk by Community Member
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WiFi issues with Chromecast with Google TV

Hi all, My Chromecast with Google TV suddently stopped connecting to the WiFi network in my home. The network is showing up in the list of networks, but it won't connect. There was no changes to the WiFi setup recently that would have caused this. I'...