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Updates on Nest Protect and pending Scottish legislation changes

Hey everyone, I appreciate everyone’s patience as they’ve shared their feedback and questions regarding the pending Scottish legislation changes. We’re aware of the proposed legislation changes to the fire and smoke alarm standard in Scotland requiri...

RachelC by Googler
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Resolved! Protect V2 does not connect for writing history

Hi, I have four Nest Protect V2 in my network; three work just fine but one does not check WiFi (Access Point 3m away, signal checks fine) and writes history like the others. It is connected (test with centre-button succesfull) and the app shows conn...

RM59 by Community Member
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Another similar complaint

I found a others with the same problem and no place to file a complaint. So I do it, like alle others. My Case ID is 8-3715000035588.I just wasted nearly an hour in the chat support answering the same questions over and over and over again. And I tol...

diec by Community Member
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Resolved! Need replacement backplate for Nest Protect

Help! My contractor demo’d my ceiling that my Nest Protect was on and threw my backplate and screws away I would like to rehang my Protect and would like to use a genuine Google Nest replacement part. I can’t find a place to purchase a replacement Pr...

Cannot get into my Nest account

I am unable to get into my Nest account due to 2 step verification code being sent to a phone # I no longer use or have access to. Reset my protects to factory default, deleted and reinstalled the Nest App but still wants to send verification to old ...

Resolved! Yellow pulsing ring at bedtime despite disabling Nightly Promise

When we turn off the lights our Nest Protect v2 (hardwired) pulses its yellow ring for 5 seconds or so, despite me disabling Nightly Promise in the app for all the units in our house. There is no voice or app notification indicating anything is wrong...

After a Fire

HI there, Do you dispose of the Nest Protect devices after a fire?Unfortunately I had a house fire last year, not too bad and everyone is ok. I disposed/recycled them after reading (can't find where now) that they could not be used after positively d...

Sarjun by Community Member
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Nest Protect Feature Request - Additional Spoken Location Names

Please please please can you add more spoken location names to the ones currently available for the nest protect. The name I personally need most is ‘Utility’ but the closest option I have selected is ‘cellar’. Why on earth can’t the units say custom...

London_al by Community Member
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Nest Protect Batteries

My Protect said the batteries were low. I replaced with new Energizer lithium batteries and about a day later it says the new batteries need to be replaced. Super annoying.

hearneha by Community Member
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Resolved! Update on Heads Up Functionality?

Hello, I have posted in 2 other conversations about the Gen 2 Heads Up not functioning. I have done all the resets, chatted with online support and over the phone. I have an Android my wife has an iPhone. Wifi is connected, all the usual things have ...

Apollo606 by Community Member
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Protects stuck in "battery replacement" warning mode.

I have 6 battery powered 2nd Gen Nest Protect. These have always worked perfectly.Recently I got a bettery warning for one of them. This was shown by a warning in the app, plus when the lights were turned off in any room with a Protect in it, it flas...

Nuuki by Community Member
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