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Near Wi-Fi router dropping constantly

I bought my Google Wi-Fi + 3 points in January 2022 and in the last 4-6 weeks the router keeps dropping. Ive confirmed with my ISP there’s no service issues. tonight for example, it is dropping for 1-2 minutes every 5-10 minutes. It’s dropped twice w...

Emmahhh by Community Member
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Connection failed

I’m setting up a google nest Wi-Fi router with an Arris surfboard SB2800. I have this set up at another place with a different cable company and set up went perfectly. This set up is not working. I get this when I’m trying to connect: DNS resolution ...

MomRN1105 by Community Member
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Resolved! Re: Separate network for insecure IoT device

Hi all, I am more knowledgeable than my wife on WiFi/routers etc but nowhere near some of you guys so any help would be really appreciated!!!Q1 - I have a Google WiFi 3 pack and have just bought a nest router/point pack! My wife works from home and u...

Paul-76 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest WiFi

Hello,I have just purchased a Nest WiFi mesh system (don't have it yet). I have read some content about the Google router needing to be the DHCP server on the LAN and wondering if this is a must do or can be changed. I already have a Router/Modem sup...

Birrong by Community Member
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Google Nest Router with T-mobile 5g Gateway

Hi all!Just got Tmo's 5g in the neighborhood as our ISP and will be going cableless (for the first time!)We found best location and set up the network with the Tmo gateway. Then installed (via Ethernet from Tmo gateway and QR code) slightly older Goo...

Amoreena by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest mesh point not completing setup

have an existing Google Home with 2 access points successfully working. I have a Google Nest Wifi (newer model) that goes through setup until the final part where it states "downloading the final bits ....." but keeps coming back with "The Operation ...

Kmkubota by Community Member
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Unable to connect to Google Nest Wi-Fi

I have a Google Nest mesh network in my home. It is comprised of two routers and 3 wifi points. The second router is hard wired to the first via a network cable. I cannot connect to wifi from any device. Any device not connected prior to the problem ...