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Google Nest points not connecting to Google router

I factory reset my Google router and now my Nest points won't connect to it. I have tried factory resetting them but that doesn't work. They connect to my phone for setup but then will not connect to the router. See screenshots. Other devices are on ...

Screenshot_20230526-194225.png Screenshot_20230526-193246.png Screenshot_20230526-193430.png
Louplet by Community Member
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api/v1/status json attributes and what does "oobeDetailedStatus" mean?

I have a Google Nest Wifi v2 setup, all wired backhaul.I was checking a few things today and noted that two (2) of the wired points are responding with this attribute >"oobeDetailedStatus": "OOBE_PROCESSING_PLATFORM_FINALIZATION_START",Whereas the ot...

hmstanley by Community Member
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Resolved! Using a nest rouster as an access point

I need to know if I can use a nest router (not a wifi point, the router itself) as an access point with my current router but I can't seem to find a definitive answer. I want to plug the nest router into my existing asus router and use the nest route...

Jamest18 by Community Member
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To split google wifi from 5ghz to 2.4ghz

Hi i am going connect camera in my room and now iam using 5 GHZ google wifi but to set up camera my wifi should be 2.4ghz. So i want to split my wifi to 5ghz and 2.4ghz.thank you

Lokin_118 by Community Member
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Nest WiFi Points keeps switching Offline

I have a mesh set up with 1 router and 3 child points. I am recently experiencing the child points are switching offline causing the wifi to lose connection throughout my home. I'm not sure how to fix this. Can it be due to the placement of the point...

Ethernet backhaul issue

I have a Google Wifi Router installed in my basement next to my modem. My ISP account speed is 500 mbit. In my basement I have perfect wifi speed at around 500 mbit. On the upper floor (Hallway) I have another Google Wifi Point installed. I backhaule...

WiFi Point has its own network

Hi there, I have setup a Google nest WiFi pro 3 pack and happy with the network . However tonight I have found that one of the WiFi points looks to have it’s own network  I’m not sure how this has happened. Eitherway, I have factory reset the network...

WonTonMJ by Community Member
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Google Wifi Version 14150.376.32 Missing PSK

Trying to reset my WIFI after removing and the sticker had peeled off and gone missing.Reset Google WIFI and loaded 192.168.82..1/api/v1/status (odd your documentation identifies shows but similar to others who have commented in ...

Saterial by Community Member
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