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Being invaded

Getting hacked and avoided please  help.

Natona930 by Community Member
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Connecting Google Nest Mesh Router to Viasat

I am attempting to setup Google Nest mesh routers and access points connecting to a Viasat modem. The setup prompts indicate "cannot reach the cloud try again later". I have attempted the following:1. Verified the ethernet connection from the Viasat ...

Rig by Community Member
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Wifi disconnects intermittently on one device

I have a google wifi network with great speed and connectivity. However there is one device (a MacBook Pro) that randomly disconnects from the wifi a few times a day. It doesn’t happen on any other device, and the MacBook doesn’t do this on any other...

Saltgirl16 by Community Member
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Google NEST

It sounds like the GOOGLE NEST app or hub uses AP Global setting which Global MESH and several other Connection setting the us GLOBAL settings drop native network hardware. Im glad to know that Google useses Global Class setting to get Nest over netw...

Resolved! WiFi Pucks do not connect

I just received a set of 3 WiFi pucks that I want to use to deliver a better signal to a PC in a room 50 feet from the wireless modem. Call me backwards, but I do NOT have a cell phone or other mobile device. Instead, I have an android emulator insta...

rocmor by Community Member
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Resolved! new problem setting wake up alarms on Google Points

(note that I selected "iOS" in the dropdown but the issue started with the Google Point devices).For over a year, I've been able to tell Google to wake me up at 5:30 a.m. to the Grateful Dead channel (for example). I'd do this by "OK, Googling . . . ...

cgulls by Community Member
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