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Paused device showing usage

I have a Nintendo switch for my kids that gets paused each night. However, my nest wi-fi shows upload and download usage (as much as 3GB) during paused times. What is going on?

LRLange by Community Member
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A week of issues! Including Chromecast

I am getting a headache! I change to a new internet provider at the end of last week which allowed me to get the fancy new Nest Wifi and extender speaker. Since this weekend past I’ve been getting plagued with connectivity issue between my 1st gen Ne...


I need to connect a desktop computer without wifi to my Google nest wifi network. I tried connecting an ethernet cable from the computer to the closest Google wifi router but it wouldn't connect to the internet.

Hmccomb by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Wifi hub with no QR, no setup code, status API does not show PSK

I have been running google wifi mesh (3 hubs) for a few years. Zero issues to date until now. One of the hubs was disconnected on accident and after that would only flash orange. In the Home app, it shows as 'offline' now. I did a factory reset using...

Resolved! OnHub to Nest WiFi Transfer

Hi,I am trying to replace my working OnHub with the Nest Wifi but keep getting "cannot connect issues" during setup after the QR pic. Multiple days over the last month trying result in same. Tried using a known wire connection to modem, tried Factory...

Wen_Dell by Community Member
  • 12 replies
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Slow Wifi Speeds and Point issues

Hi, I have a router-only box provided by my internet company, and a Google Nest wifi system with the wifi router and one point. My speeds from the point itself have been abysmally slow (getting 12mbps download, when we are rated for 350mbps). Is ther...


Bridge mode

Hi, i configured my nest router in bridge mode (since my provider giver me router with wifi). I managed to get the router up but unable to get my nest wifi to mesh with the router.can u plz help?thx

Amjaddari by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Guest Network Downloads

Is it possible to restrict the speed &/or amount of download over the Guest Network?If so, would you be able to help me with it, please?

Google WIFI reset up

Visiting a friend who has a Netgear modem/router combo. Last year he setup a Google WIFI system. He used the same SSID on his Google WIFI as on the Netgear router. He said his performance didn’t improve after setting up the Google WIFI. I looked at h...

mpgoguen by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Can you use Use a Non-Google wireless Mesh Extender with Google NestWifi

Hi, I have a Google Nest Wifi. I have 1 Google Pod and 3 Google Points to extend the range. Is it possible to add Netgear AC2202 Mesh Wifi Extender? I am not getting the speed that I am expecting, especially the upload speed. My internet is 1000mbps ...

Zeeshan by Community Member
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