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Setup for home network using switches

I'm looking to optimize my home network setup and looking for feedback on how best to approach it. The first part is basic:ISP -> modem -> Nest WiFi Pro -> unmanaged switchThat all happens in a closet. From there I have 4 Cat6 Ethernet cables going t...

Karalun by Community Member
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How to configure google wifi to allow icmp ping

I am using google wifi as my home network gateway. I've setup an ubuntu server at home and Want to test the remote connection speed by pinging that host. How do i redirect the icmp ping traffic to that host and bypass any firewall in the google wifi ...

MuWayne by Community Member
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Google Nest WIFI Slow

I’ve had the Google Nest for a little over a year now and it has been nothing but perfect. However, the past week, I have been experiencing dropped Zoom calls/Microsoft Teams calls. Not only the dropped calls, but unexpected pauses on video conferenc...

WiFi Icon on Home App Gone

There are plenty of other threads on here about the issue, but Google doesn't seem to have done anything. So I'll just lend my voice to the din with no hope of a solution.The WiFi Icon on my Home Android App is gone. You know... The thing I need to c...

Simpson21 by Community Member
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Nest wifi disconnected... Again

Nest wifi is disconnected, again. Have read and went through all the trouble shooting. Had issues last month and now again this month with the wifi disconnecting. Seems like this is reoccurring problem and it's effecting many people that have the sam...

devandetta by Community Member
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Can't get pulsing white light when trying to factory reset

I am having the same problem as this forum. I've held down the button to factory reset over 10 times and can't get pass the solid white light after it goes from pulsing yellow to solid yellow to solid white. I still see my old network from my old apa...

snakeeyes by Community Member
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Google Wifi goes crazy with my iphone's data usage - GOOGLE DO SOMETHING

So, I have read here that it is now a KNOWN ISSUE and that google doesn't want to deal with it. I hope google is dealing with it because it is very disappointing, and since we're getting abusively charged for the data reported by google, it sounds li...

Lulune by Community Member
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Problem Mesh Nest Wifi Router with 1 Access Point

My problem is similar to that reported in another discussion ( first hint of a problem was that some pages and apps work ...

Next Wifi Pro - weak connection when wired

Hi all-I have 4 Nest Wifi Pro's in my house, all connected over a wired backhaul. One of them is stating a weak connection through the home app even though it's wired??? Any idea why this is happening and what options I have?Thx

rattaom by Community Member
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