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Get to know Google Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E) Read more

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Resolved! Nest Point Activation

Bought a three pack with router and two points. Router connected quickly and easily. Attempted both Points but each said it had to be activated. The help link went to an article about televisions. Exhausted searches about this problem to no avail. I ...

Can’t Connect New Devices

I recently got a new laptop and tablet and neither will connect to my Wi-Fi. I can select my network, but it won’t connect and ask for the password. My phone, Apple TV, and old laptop will still connect to the Wi-Fi. What should I do to fix this?

ronboy78 by Community Member
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Slow & poor connectivity

In the last 2 weeks my mesh system keeps slowing to a crawl.... Poor connections between the router and the 3 wifi points. My internet is 1 GB/sec and up until 2 weeks ago got excellent performance. I have restarted the network 10's of times with zer...

Chimera by Community Member
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3 nest wifi

Can i mesh 3 nest wifi router to same network wired?

Changing Wi-Fi

I changed Wi-Fi and I can’t seem to put the new Wi-Fi information in the system help

Google Nest WiFi router LAN port not working

Though there are many threads on this same issue I thought I should start another one to highlight the not-uncommon problem. I had a perfectly functioning two-point Google Nest WiFi system for 14 months. My home fibre ONT fed directly to the WAN port...

Mabio by Community Member
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Nest router offline

Just set up my mesh system yesterday. On the app the router says offline, but when I click it it says online and GREAT. The mesh point says online and seems good. why?

Muts by Community Member
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Nest Mesh / Router Setup

Hi,I’m trying to setup my new Nest Router and mesh in my home.Have plugged the router into the NBN modem (all lights solid so all good) opened the home app and followed the prompts and when it goes to connect it comes up with the error ‘Problem conne...

RichieH by Community Member
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Google home app find devices connected to my router?

I got so surpzied no easy way find so far to find "devices that connected to my Google Routers", i.e., I wanna check IP of my connected NAS. I heard there used to be a app called Google Wifi seems can do it but not in the Google home anymore, is it c...

eddyxd by Community Member
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