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Hey google stopped working.

I have the google nest wifi router with two additional wifi points. Everything was working fine, both of them responding to "hey google" commands. Recently, they both stopped responding completely. I tried to factory reset on one of them but it still...

Edub1900t by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Auto Updates

Does anyone know if there is a way to set what time to run updates? Because it always updates at super inconvenient times instead of the middle of the night. I haven't seen anything other than the fact they update automatically

Halfahalf by Community Member
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Adding a wifi point

I've been trying to add a wifi point to my system after changing out a vendor router with a google product. I managed to get the first google router working but cannot add another wifi point in a different room. I had three modems working before the ...

nall by Community Member
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Ditch Google Nest

I posted on this a few years ago. I finally today(2 years after replacing it) binned the nest router and satellites as there is no support or admission of a faulty product. I replaced it with the Orbi Mesh 850 series. Cost me a kidney but the system ...

Bavpav by Community Member
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Slow download speeds. 25 - 40 Mbps on gbit fibre.

Can't get above 40 Mbps download but still have 358 upload. Google absolutely no help. Just started this week. Anybody else having this problem and found a solution?

Hggrh by Community Member
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Power consumption

Hi, does anyone know the approx power consumption of a standard gen 1 Google WiFi mesh point?Thanks!

neoakira by Community Member
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Issues with Nest WiFi Router & Mesh Points

I'll do my best to keep this as short and to the point as possible.I have the Nest WiFi Router & 2 speaker mesh points for my home network that i purchased in early 2020. I have Comcast Xfinity for my Internet provider (up to 400 Mbps).I started havi...

mrBearToe by Community Member
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Can’t physically find a connected point

One of my Wi-Fi points is connected wirelessly and I want to move it but I cannot physically find it. Can it play a sound so I can find it

Doug6 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Google Wifi Downstream connections

I just got the Google AC1200 Wifi from costco and trying to achieve the following, need confirmation if this would work:Option A: Modem --> Switch --> Google Wifi-RouterVerizon Modem LAN port to Ethernet Switch WAN Port (wired)Ethernet Switch LAN Por...

unclsams by Community Member
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