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Mesh network

So, I've had this mesh network for a couple yrs and up until 6 months ago it seemed to be running as designed. I repeatedly get the notice within the Google Home app that there's "another DHCP server detected", but have ignored it since the system se...

JimM2012 by Community Member
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Making nest router a wireless point

Hi folks. I have recently set up a nest wifi system in my house but I needed additional points to get a decent speed in my kitchen (downstairs) and study (upstairs). I picked up a second nest router on sale and I want to add it as an additional point...

Resolved! Vpn for work(windows based rras)

For work, I connect to onsite intranet via a windows based vpn remote access edge server. I have been doing this for about 3 years. Recently, whenever power went out on site, I would be able unable to connect to that same vpn(800 tunnel failed error)...

Slow internet speed on nest wifi than ISP router

Purchased new set of nest mesh wifi. I am seeing one fourth (100mbos) the internet speed on mesh wifi when compared to ISP provider router (500mbps). I have one nest router and 2 points each places in different floor of my home no interference with a...

Raheez by Community Member
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Nest mesh horror

Since I have switched to Nest mesh it has been nothing but issues for a month or so now1. I have lost connectivity to all my smart devices operating at 2.4Ghz2. My LG C1 Oled keeps buffering on all the streaming platforms. Though the mobile/laptop sh...

Sohaibe by Community Member
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Best wi-fi

Trying to connect older google nests (3) to my ATT Wi-Fi but google home app is not listing it. I’m assuming this is operator error. What am I missing?

Wydell555 by Community Member
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Port Forwarding not working on Google Nest

I've been trying to configure forwarded ports for various services (VPN, ssh, HTTP, etc) and have been unsuccessful. While diagnosing the issue, it appears my Google Nest Wifi router (Model H2D, Software version 14150.43.81) is not properly forwardin...

docx by Community Member
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3 Piece set wi-fi and one unit fail to connect

Hi all,I'm using a 3 PC set and one unit will not find the extender.I have a combo modem/rauter from bell and one unit out of 3 is wired to the router of the internet provider. The second pod find the wired pod right away. The third will search and f...

Nma by Community Member
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nest Points Weak Signal

1 main - 4 points. all within 25 feet of oneStrong interest speed tests always 'blazing fast'Points for no reason switch between good and weak. Dominated by 'weak'No overloading. It will show weak even at less than 1 mb/s activityWorked great for lon...

JasonCF by Community Member
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