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Nanoleaf Troubleshooting for Nest Wifi Pro users

Hey Nest Community, Some of you have encountered an issue between Nest Wifi Pro version 3.73.406133 and older versions of Nanoleaf Essentials products (below version 3.6). There is an incompatibility which causes Nanoleaf Essentials devices to become...

Resolved! Replacing Google Wifi GJ2CQ router with identical unit

I just had fiber installed in my home. They supplied me with a Google Wifi GJ2CQ as a router and are charging me $15/month for it. I went out and bought my own identical router to replace theirs with so I can drop the extra $15/month "rental" fee.I u...

Resolved! Wifi speed query

Hi there, I have a confusing and slightly annoying situation and I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions. I'm not really tech-savvy but not a complete novice!My set-up is a Nest wifi router in my lounge, I'll call this router 1. It is serving 2 ...

Keithb by Community Member
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Resolved! Upload speed throttled

Using Google Home speed test I see the expected 35Mbps down/5Mbps up - close to what my broadband provider says that it’s providing. However, using the Speedtest app on my iPhone 12 I see a similar 35Mbps down but only 0.5Mbps up.I’ve just done a ful...

Tiptopp by Community Member
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Email from Google for replacing faulty product

Hi all,i found another user's post on similar issue but the conversation had been closed. So i would like to start a new one.I received the following email from Google suggesting me to fill a form to get the Wifi router replaced. Everything sounds fa...

sidiscuss by Community Member
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