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Resolved! Router assigns IP addresses outside of the network range

My original wifi infrastructure had two wireless routers, one configured as an AP connected by ethernet to the primary router. this worked fine for years, but my primary router started to fail so I replaced that with another brand. When I configured ...

hij2001 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Wifi Point: Check WAN Connection

I'm trying to add a 3rd Nest WiFi Point but I'm getting the following issue every time I try to add the new device.Check WAN connection"An ethernet cable does not seem to be plugged into the WAN port properly. Please check it and try again."In the be...

peterw328 by Community Member
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Resolved! Mixed Google Mesh / Nest Mesh APs - Change Primary?

I have had a Google Mesh router for some time, and a while back, wanted to add a couple of pucks. By that time, they had moved to the Nest mesh model, which are compatible. I added those, and I constantly notice that regardless of mobile device, lapt...

stevedp by Community Member
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Can't add existing Nest Wi-fi mesh to google home app

Hi!I'm trying to look at an existing Nest Wi-Fi mesh in the home app. The mesh consists of a router and 2 additional points. When I go into google home, it shows no wi-fi networks. I can connect to the network fine from the android device, and the ho...

vg19 by Community Member
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Resolved! Compatibility

Hi, I just wanted some help. I currrently have Ubiquiti access points in my home and just wanted to add a little more coverage in one area. Would the Google Wifi mesh router work with this to extend the signal to the outdoors?

kavit88 by Community Member
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Enhancing wifi mesh.

We live in a three story house with our main internet connection coming in at the ground floor level. I have a Google wifi mesh setup with three Google wifi routers, the one on the ground floor being connected by LAN cable to the incoming router of m...

Erasmian by Community Member
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Resolved! Need clarification on Google Nest WiFi operation regarding frequencies

Hello. I am new to the whole smart house deal. I am in the process of buying a home and I have read and heard that Google Nest WiFi, although an expensive setup, is super reliable and provides strong signals. I am therefore leaning towards buying it....

webJose by Community Member
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Change in wifi strength - mesh quality

When I installed my Nest Wifi the first time the connection speed throughout the house almost tripled - nice! Now though, the speed in the two rooms that have the satellite wifi points, speed is about 20% of the Google wifi router point. The Home app...