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Google wifi (not nest) won't complete setup at new address.

Details; spectrum internet with standalone modem (no wifi router. )Three gen 1 Google wifi points. Note 8 running Android 9We have had three gen 1 wifi points for several years. Original setup and one subsequent factory reset and new setup went fine....

Mikahoh by Community Member
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Mesh Wifi Node doesn't have 4 colours/Play muisc option

Hi All,I've set up the Google Mesh network and i've got 2 nodes. One node has the 4 coloured dots on the node icon but the other node doesnt (it only has one grey dot) and missing the play button.Did I miss a configuration step?

Endless loading screen on Google Home Nest Wifi Settings page (iOS)

I’m trying to configure some security settings in my Google Home app (Home > Wifi > Settings) but whenever I click into it I’m greeted by an endless loading screen. I’ve restarted the app and my phone several times, to no avail. I have also deleted t...

alecbarr90 by Community Member
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wpa2 passowrd

i am trying to connect to my printer, but it syas i need a wpa2 passoword and that it is located on the back of my router. i checked my nest and it has no password. where can i fint my wpa2 password?

timvu123 by Community Member
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Nest Wifi - Devices Slow or Drop

I have had a mesh Nest WIFI for about a year and everything has been great until about two weeks ago. I keep having issues with my WIFI points degrading in connection or dropping all together. Location has not changed. Another issue - when I run a sp...

rbrowning by Community Member
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Google Nest App

I have a working Google nest system. I have downloaded the app a year ago, used it to disable some old iPad devices. Now I want to use Ian old device for Pandora, but can’t connect to the WiFi. I’ve gone to my app and all the links to my nest are gon...

Jcfeist by Community Member
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Apple and spotify in different rooms

Hi communityI have set-up Nest Mesh for our home and have one wifi point in one of my daughters rooms and the other in the other. The MESH is tested and looks good. ONe has an apple music account and one likes Spotify and has that account. How do I s...

SargeSox by Community Member
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nest wifi port forwarding not working

Hello, I a google nest wifi router, and I am trying to set up port forwarding to my minecraft server.I have a port forwarding rule set up in the google home app for ports 25565 through 25575 on udp and tcp. I also have a DHCP IP reservation for the p...

levsau by Community Member
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Resolved! Assistant will not respond

I just received my Nest Hub. It will not respond to any "Hey Google" commands. I'm sure it was set up correctly. Any solutions?