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Slow speeds from Google Wifi

My internet service is 250/250 but I am consistently getting 130/220 on my gen 1 google wifi router. This is the speed test on the router itself, not on connected devices (which are even slower).I've performed a factory reset on the router and curren...

rayman by Community Member
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Moving a Google Mesh system to another home

Hi all.....I was wondering if it's wise to set up a 2nd Nest Mesh system in my main home (adding all my devices, nest doorbells, locks, Blink cameras, etc ...) and then take everything to my 2nd home (finally getting wifi installed!) and then just PL...

nep-1961 by Community Member
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Resolved! More than one nest wifi router.

Please help I have a two-pack Nest Wifi kit (Router and Point).I've set these up and they work fine.I need to expand the network so it reaches the top floor of my house, so I ordered a Nest Wifi Point, however, I messed up the order and instead order...

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Can't add 4th AC1200 mesh access point

I purchased a 4-pack AC1200 mesh system (gen 2? no reset button) from Costco and was able to install 3 of the units with no problem. I was unable to connect the 4th, so I assumed something was wrong with it and bought another single access point. The...

corpserv by Community Member
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Nest WIFI weak connection to TV but good mesh test

Hi, I have two point google nest wifi system. Great speeds and great mesh connection. I have a TV right next to one of the points and on the Google home app the TV's connection is weak. We do get buffering quite often when watching on that TV. What g...

emayer by Community Member
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Port forwarding and guest network

I have a 3rd party device on my guest network (it's an IoT hotspot which a local company owns). I had them connect it to my guest network to ensure it doesn't see anything on my home WiFi. It's working, but for it to be optimal, it needs a port forwa...

Does google wifi gen 1 support cat6a cable

I have google mesh wifi gen1 and I have been testing bandwidth throughput. When I use a cat6a cable in between my primary puck and the router, I noticed the router will show an orange light (meaning 100Mbps) and my throughput test drops to about 80Mb...

betsyr0129 by Community Member
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Random disconnects

For the last 3 or 4 weeks now I have been getting random internet connectivity issues on my Nest Wifi device.These seem to occur in bursts, it will seem fine for a while then disconnect, reconnect, disconnect, reconnect and so on a few times, before ...