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cnn on apple tv not streaming when connected to nest wifi

About a week ago, the CNN app on my Apple TV stopped streaming video indicating that "the video is not currently available". Other streaming apps continued to work. Resets of equipment and firewalls did not fix. Reinstallation of app did not fix. On ...

Google nest hub cannot connect to WLAN due to two-step access procedure

Google nest hub cannot connect to WLAN due to two-step access procedure.WLAN is officially not secured, but you need to enter a certain username and a Pin on a browser page to access.This des not work with the procedure foreseen in the Google Home ap...

Hirte99 by Community Member
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Brand New Nest WiFi Pro Won't Get WAN IP Address Via DHCP

I have a brand new Nest WiFi Pro and today I tried to set it up on Consolidated Communications Fidium Fiber. I called their support to get that new MAC address registered but even after they did so the router would not get a WAN IP address. The ISP s...

mada2885 by Community Member
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Nest Wifi - Set a Dedicated Point

Is it possible to set a device to only connect to a specific WiFi point? For example, devices that do not move around the house. We have some WiFi cameras on the property that seem to only connect to the WiFi base/main unit, and will not connect to t...

timbo4 by Community Member
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Resolved! G wifi to G home app issue

Have Google Wifi Mesh. Was controlling it through Google Wifi app. Now that Google Home app has taken over, I cannot see any of my network setting. Specifically, I want to look up my Static IPs on the LAN side so that if I change to a different route...

AlexG45 by Community Member
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Disabling mDNS?

Hi All,I'm helping a user troubleshoot an issue with software licensing on a Windows 10 that seems to be breaking. The licensing system of this software apparently is checking the network name of his connected laptop and his Google Nest Wifi Pro rout...

kadomony by Community Member
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Google points and audio playback muffling

Awful muffled audio coming out of my Points for the past month. This has never happened before. I’ve rebooted, restarted, removed and re-added every device and it’s pretty apparent this might be a FW issue. Noticed some other comments on this forum b...

Resolved! Wifi-Points won't connect. Worked in the past.

I have a problem with Google Nest Wifi. We have purchased in 2021 (Novembre 26th) the Google Nest WiFi Router and WiFi point. It was a package with router and wifi point. In January 2022 we bought an additional Google WiFi point.In 2021 we used the r...

Susan9 by Community Member
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