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Google Assistant

Hi, I’m having an issue with Voice Match on my Google Nest Mini & Nest Hub devices. My account is the one that set up the devices, but when I set up Voice Match on my other family member’s Smartphones, and they ask for music on Spotify or a show on N...

Shanoobs by Community Member
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Casting to BT speaker from Nest Mini

Dear all, when casting from my Nest to my BT speaker, the sound is jerky.Forums mention that Google is aware of this and working on a solution for more than 1 year.Still not corrected for me Anyone has a hint to solve this, please? I've tried factory...

Olivier by Community Member
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Nest hub max is broadcasting from an app I don't have!

For about a week now my husband and I get home from work only to find that our Google nest max hub is playing music for the last several hours while we were away from TuneIn radio. Neither of us has this app on our device. (He is Apple, mine android)...

LMac by Community Member
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Apple Music playlist size limit?

I have a Apple Music playlist with a little over 100 songs and when streaming through my Nest Speaker it will not play the entire playlist, is there a limit to the playlist size? Number of songs? Hours? Thanks!

Stevesemm by Community Member
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Nest mini stuck booting up, wont stop.

Hi guys! So I have 9 nest minis in my home, and 8 of them work perfectly fine. However, this one nest mini has 2 bright white dots, then 4 bright white dots, then a pause with nothing, and then 4 fading white dots. It has been doing this for the past...

Redfiber by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Resolved! Nest audio will not respond after reset

Tried to connect my Nest audio pair to my new router (Nest wifi). I could not get them to update to the new router so I did a factory reset on both. One connected to the new router with no issue, the other no longer responds, when plugged in it makes...

TT by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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Philips TV ChromeCast

I have a Philips smart tv (PUS8505) with Chromecast built in, but my Android phones don't find it. I'm sure both my phones and the TV are connected to the same wifi network . I tried to add it with "Google home", but the TV isn't detected by the app....

Nest Mini + Apple Music = restarting music without prompt.

We recently installed 3 Nest Minis in our home. This adds to our original Google Home speaker plus one home mini. Recently linked all with Apple Music. When a command is given to "stop the music" it stops, but then starts up at a random time in the f...

kevzou by Community Member
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