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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

Forum Posts

Unable to access Family WiFi settings

Still having issues...unable to access Family WiFi setting...see attached. I have tried all trouble shooting steps but nothing is resolving the issue. 

TanyaA by Community Member
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Can't connect with Tapo light

I have a Tapo light that used to work (be controlled) from Google Home. The last few days Google Home seems to think the light is disconnected. The Tapo app is able to control the light still.I have tried unlinking Tapo and re-linking. Google Home kn...

Andy25 by Community Member
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Lights randomly turning off

My lights keep randomly turning off. This has been happening for months in the middle of the day when I am in my office. I'll be on a video call and my lights will randomly turn off. I went to check my activity and got this. Home/away is off, there a...


Weekday and weekend routines are missing

I have been using Google Home for more than two years now.Suddenly this week I noticed that the weekend and weekday routines have disappeared.Still the routines keep running but they are simply not there in the app.Anybody had the same issue?Any thou...

arkudius by Community Member
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Google Home Update Frustration

So I have in the preview program for quite a few weeks and loved it. When the final release was set free I opted out of the preview to default to the standard general version. I have the latest iOS and the latest GH release 3.1 but I am locked back i...

d-j-c by Community Member
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Cam not working

My hub max cam setup keeps failing. 

1Nick by Community Member
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