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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest App vs Google Home App

I currently have a nest doorbell as well as a nest camera in my kitchen. I just purchased a new camera for my basement, I installed the camera under Google Home app and the camera is up and running. I would like to have this camera show up on my Nest...

Mrosenb2 by Community Member
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Old Nest cameras to the Home app

I have 5 older Nest Cameras. I understand that the newer Nest cameras work exclusively with the Home app. Will we be able to exclusively use the Home app with the older Nest cams at some point? Or, will we have to ALWAYS have the Nest app running alo...

stewstew by Community Member
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Only notify on a single speaker (or speaker group)

We have a number of speakers in our home, one of them in our toddler's room so that we can play white noise while he sleeps. However, whenever the doorbell rings, that speaker (along with every other speaker in the home) rather loudly announces the v...

gangeli by Community Member
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Outdoor HD camera now dropping connection intermittently.

Long time dropcam -> nest user. My outdoor cam now connects and disconnects all day long. I pay for dvr service and may only get 25% recorded/viewable.How do I test to see if Spectum internet problem or camera/dvr service?It had been working perfectl...

Mrpete by Community Member
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Troubleshoot/warranty claim?

I bought 2 wired doorbells a few weeks ago. One has been working great. The other lasted a day, and now it wont do anything. I get a blue light for a few seconds, then nothing for a few seconds, repeating. Seems like a boot loop. Factory reset doesnt...

JB4 by Community Member
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add extra camera to my nest app

Is it possible to add a nest wireless camera with a different wifi (a different home) to my existing nest app so that I can view all activity all at the same place as opposed to having to switch from one home to another?Thanks

monti by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Doorbell (Wired) - Setup from Google Home

Hi there,kit:- Google Hub Gen 2 - Brand New- Google Nest Doorbell (Wired) - Brand new- IPhone 13 ProI’ve managed to get the doorbell working via the nest app but am trying to link it to Google Home so that it will sound/display on my Google Hub Gen 2...

Eltoad by Community Member
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Nest Outdoor Camera

Hello Community my nest outdoor cam is installed in a high point of the building and I cannot locate the picture of my qr code prior to install. I have my serial number from the nest tech info details. Is there a way to connect without having to clim...

Jnrsadqi by Community Member
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