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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Resolved! Battery life

I purchased the cameras for outdoor use. How long is the battery life? 

Wifi strength to camera

My google nest outdoor camera is just out of reach for strong wifi in my detached garage. It connects sometimes but not strong enough signal. If I put a wifi booster plug in- inside the garage that has a stronger signal already, will this solve my pr...

10thanks by Community Member
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New nest cam and floodlight does not work on nest app

I just purchased a Nest Cam Floodlight and moved a old nest camera from my back yard to my Garage only to find out that it doesnt work on the same app. That is $279 that I spent that doesnt allow me to use the streamlined Nest app, not to mention wha...

Diadustt by Community Member
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Setting up nest cams

Can the nest cam outdoor battery cameras be set up at someone else house without being connected to my wi fi.

Slick by Community Member
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Doorbell alarms when no one there

The doorbell tells me that somebody is at the door when there's nobody there. I review the video and there never was anyone there, and no car even went by. It's very frustrating. The doorbell is either having issues or I have Poltergeist in the front...

vbinaz by Community Member
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Nest Hello won’t connect to WiFi

Anyone know why Nest Hello Battery won’t find my WiFi during setup?Gone into Home app, followed all the instructions but my WiFi network is nowhere to be seen, and won’t find it manually.My Pixel 4, Home Mini, Nest Mini and Chromecast Ultra are all c...

DarthM by Community Member
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Anyone else banned from posting in this forum?

Since Sept. 23, all of my posts and replies in this Google Nest Community forum appear to post, but upon refreshing the screen my post or reply disappears. This happens in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on an iMac and on an iPad.Is this happening to any...