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Cameras and Doorbells

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Google Camera Event History

I have several Nest cameras. And primarily I have been using the Nest App. When I upgraded to the new Google Nest Doorbell (wired Gen 2), I find that I can view my new device and older camera live feeds on the Google Home App. I can review the event ...

Ontario1 by Community Member
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Resolved! Doorbell - notifications when not at home

Hi there,I was planning to purchase a doorbell to help manage deliveries etc while not at home, but spotted somewhere in an FAQ that the phone “must be in same home as doorbell” to receive notifications - I couldn’t find clarification if this meant j...

Nest 2nd Doorbell

We installed a nest 2nd generation wired doorbell yesterday. Everything works. I have it on the Google Home app. My issue is I’m unable to get it on the nest app. When I go to add it, I get to this screen and nothing it says choose the last 4 digits ...

Google Nest Camera with Floodlight

During outside renovations the contractor lost the mounting plate and mounting bracket for my Google Nest Floodlight is it possible to find these spare parts as I really like the product.

Nearleafs by Community Member
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Resolved! Two 2nd Generation Nest doorbells (wired) and one chime

Is it possible to connect two 2nd Generation Nest doorbells (wired) to one chime? If so, is there a chime wiring diagram? I have already successfully connected a 2nd Generation Nest Doorbell (wired) to my only chime. I am so happy with the doorbell I...

mounting the indoor nest camera

does the indoor nest camera have an alternative wall attachment to the round plate? our house is currently wired with rectangular j-boxes which would not be covered by the nest's round backplate, we would like to use that wiring rather then create an...

jaybt by Community Member
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