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Nest wired cam can't reach camera

I don't know why this thing is not working, The doorbell video works great. I have reset it, I have redone the whole setup and it still does not show video after setup was done and it was working at first. What can I do besides return this thing? So ...

Dethtoon by Community Member
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No sound from doorbell camera

The sound from my doorbell is not audible on the app on my phone (or my wife’s) not sure when it stopped working. Checked all app setting and they appear correct, rebooted camera and then did a factory reset and reloaded camera on app, still no sound...

Dm67 by Community Member
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New Nest Cam Battery does not show up in Nest App

I have two Nest Outdoor Pro cameras on my nest app. I bought the new Nest Cam Battery as an indoor camera. It made me set it up in the Google Home App and once I did it does not show up in the Nest app or nest website... why?

hajder by Community Member
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Resolved! No doorbell notification on phone.

Product: google doorbell (battery)There is no option in the events or notifications to select doorbell press event to send a push notification to my phone when someone pushes the doorbell button.The main reason i got the doorbell was to receive notif...

WL by Community Member
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My new wired Nest Cam only shows in gHome, not Nest App??

How do I include my new wired Nest Cam in my Nest App with all my older cameras? Currently I have to use two apps to view them all, am I missing something here? Also my Nest subscription has 5 days a video playback, and in Google home is only a few h...

Boozegob by Community Member
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Nest doorbell battery life

My nest battery doorbell only seems to be letting about 3 days for battery life. I've sent wake sensitivity to low and everything else I can to low but the battery is still draining super fast. Is this an issue with my doorbell or is there something ...

Ebrace by Community Member
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cannot create or adjust camera schedule in the Nest app

When I try to either create a new schedule or adjust an existing schedule in the Nest app, I click on the time and the window just closes, it does not allow me to adjust the time. I found I can adjust the schedule on the site however. B...