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Havent had it a month and the Camera cracked..

Not sure what happened. Was leaving and noticed the camera screen is cracked. The doorbell works but it's a big blur now. Only had it for like a month. . Didn't even get a notice it went off line and must of happen over night..Is there a way to fix t...


Replacement front plate for peeling Nest Hello

After finding out Google will do nothing to tend to the awful cracking/peeling on my Nest Hello due to it being out of warranty by a few months, I am finding it is now affecting the video quality. This is seemingly a widespread issue no matter the we...

Tommehnet by Community Member
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Manual Away Not Working

I do not use Home/Away Assist to automatically determine if I'm home or not, I use the main Home/Away buttons on the webpage or phone app to switch manually. I have each camera set so that they do not use Home/Away Assist to decide when I'm home. Thi...

dchoule01 by Community Member
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Resolved! One button "all cameras on/off" feature?

Since Home Away assist never works properly. Is there a feature that allows me to turn on or off all cameras so I don't have to rely on home away assist? It is quite time consuming to go to each of my 10 cameras and turn them on and off separately. N...

stewstew by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Cam (Battery). "Something went wrong" can't install

Can someone please explain to me what I'm doing wrong? I recently purchased the Nest Cam (Battery) for outdoors. I get through all of the screens and then it says "finishing up". After 5 minutes, I get an error message "Something went wrong." Try con...

VBScrapper by Community Member
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Resolved! Peeling

Dear sir or madam,I hope everyone is safe & well - unfortunately my father’s nest doorbell has started peeling and not connecting like it used to, so far it’s been a wonderful product but it’s a shame it’s unfortunately not working too well now and t...

Ycook22 by Community Member
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Nest Door Bell wired

Green status light pulsing along with door bell button ring. I’ve tried a reset twice and have disconnected the power as well same issue. After holding the reset button and bell button for 10 to 15 seconds you should see ring light blink yellow then ...

Elliott1 by Community Member
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I am only getting sound when driveway camera is live. I had turned off the 'audio recording' but turned it back on. Microphone is also on.

Marilyn by Community Member
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