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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest Cam Indoor (1st gen) expanded support rolling out in the Public Preview of ... Read more

Forum Posts

Nest rechargeable battery

I e read through your other chats regarding the nest doorbell/camera battery charging slowly. I’m using the charged cable that came with my nest.I’ve tried different outlets. The cables are not frayed. The charging port is clean. It’s been charging f...

Peg1254 by Community Member
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Set Digital Zoom and Activate Noise Notifications

Is the new indoor google camera capable of staying zoomed in on a specific frame and monitoring for noise notifications? I was previously using the Nest App to monitor and control my google home products, but recently purchased a new camera. The came...

Doorbell installation on side of door frame.

Hey all! My house has a stupid doorbell installed on the side of the door frame instead of facing out. Anyone have any ideas on how I could install the nest doorbell so it faces outwards and not at a 90° to my house?

Nest Cam (wired), possible to switch to 50Hz?

Hi there,Many cameras have an "anti-flicker" setting, which changes the video between 50Hz / 60Hz so that if you have lights that are on 50Hz for example, the camera can be synced to the lighting frequency and you don't see a flicker. I don't see suc...

jomo11 by Community Member
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Nest Indoor Cameras

It isn't bad enough that you cannot get any help on-line, but even your Corporate office doesn't answer their calls. Customer Service is sorely lacking. The competition is looking better than ever.All I want to know is where I return my existing came...

Resolved! Nest doorbell (battery) not ringing in Nest hub

I set up my Nest doorbell and I can see the video on my Nest hub but when someone is at the door and rings the doorbell I only get notifications on phones and not on my hub. I've been navigating the forums and help center and see that I'm supposed to...

Grtl_ma by Community Member
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Nest cam Battery / wired

Hi I'm looking to replace my ring doorbell to a google one so I can have just one subscription. I currently run the doorbell with a plugin adaptor (DC) as I don't have a transformer. Looking on the google store web site it says in the instructions th...

Smurfman by Community Member
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When will Google fix the Nest Cam "device offline" bug?

July 2, 2023 some of my Nest Cams were showing "Device offline," so I restarted the cameras, restarted my modem and router, all to no avail. One of the cameras that's offline is 10 feet from the modem & router. Now I'm reading everywhere that this is...

Yuyu1 by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell wired 2nd gen chime connector 2 chimes

Hi,I saw an article asking this question about a year ago that has been resolved but it didn't really give any answers. They posted some wiring diagrams for other situations but not for 1 doorbell with 2 chimes. So my question is for 1 doorbell with ...

Cannot connect doorbell

Hello. So today my doorbell said it was offline in the app and it would not turn back online. I reset the router however no dice, so I factory reset the doorbell. However, I can't connect the doorbell now to the app, whenever I go through the setup p...