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Cameras and Doorbells

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Hardwired Nest Doorbell (battery) not charging

I've had this doorbell hardwired to my house for almost a year, and this morning I woke up to find it had low battery (7:30), then half an hour later had ZERO battery. What do I need to do? I had an original Nest Hello for 3 years with no problems......

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Rickatoo by Community Member
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Camera won’t connect

I reset my Google hub to a new device. I connected one outdoor camera with no issue. I’ve tried to connect my second camera…. Which was previously connected and worked, and it will not connect. I’ve re-booted my hub, reset my router, moved closer to ...

Nest cam will not power up after power outage

I had a power outage this morning, all my other devices powered back up except for one. I just realized and disconnected from power, waited and replugged it. Cables work with other devices but this one does not power up (no blue light). I removed dev...

Changing wifi network

Hi & sorry. This is no about getting started. It is getting re-started.I have been using Nest Cam with Camera for over a year. I just changed my router & need to establish my Nest Cam with Floodlight through the new router's wifi.I use a Chromebook.I...

Nearest outdoor camera

Camera battery low new camera installed less than a month old customer service not able to resolve issue to charge camera. Poor customer service, representative, not knowledgeable and product. They have a hard time resolving issues need aCamera batte...

Shann1 by Community Member
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gen2 nest cam

I connected the new cam to google home with my I phone. When I tried to add camera to my wife's I phone I was unsuccessful . Then I went back to my phone and the camera was removed from my phone. I tried to re connect camera but during install I neve...

jimbo61 by Community Member
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Time based routines on Google Home app

Simply want my camera to come on at midnight and switch off at 6am. I replaced an old nest cam with a new google nest cam. The nest app has a simple routine setting to do this. New camera doesn’t appear in nest app. Google Home app only allows one no...

djangra74 by Community Member
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