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Google Nest Support Is Terrible

Case ID [2-6768000034226] Other case numbers: 1-7508000033440 9-0967000033457 9-096700003345 5-8795000033586 I have not had a good experience with Google Nest Support in connection with the return of two defective Google Nest cameras. Google sent me ...

dballou by Community Member
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3 hours then deletes? When did this change?

When I first installed this camera I had 24 hrs of total recording. And only records events. Now videos disappear after a day. Reading threads it seems nest deletes 3 hours after the recording is made. This was not the case a few weeks ago. What is t...

Rob-B by Community Member
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Google doorbell not working properly

Hi,I have had my Google doorbell (battery) set up since january 2022 working no issues.However, last week it just stopped working. You can ring the doorbell, it sounds, the light turns Green and i get the nofication. However, when i go to my Google h...

Resolved! Chime compatibility

The compatibility checker lists three choices:1 - chime with batteries and no wires2 - chime with batteries and wires3 - chime with only wires Choice 2 is an electronic chime and choice 3 is a mechanical chime. I have an electronic chi...

CosmoC by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest cam (battery) - siren?

Does the nest cam (battery) have a siren you can activate?I’ve read you can call emergency contact but I’d like to be able to activate a siren if needed. It looks like this is possible with ring cameras but I haven’t found any info on the nest cam.

Louise-J by Community Member
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