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Comparing the new 2nd generation Nest Cam (indoor, wired) to its predecessor, Ne... Read more

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My wired Nest Cam provides a wide view in front of my house. But, when the camera sees activity, it narrows the view significantly. I no longer see the entire viewing field. Any ideas why? And how to correct this?

No assisting Nest devices to connect wired doorbell to.

Purchased the Nest wired doorbell, have it wired to the chime. Blue light, press button, doorbell rings. Have Google Home, but home states I need to set the doorbell up in the Nest app. Installed Nest app, prompted to add device, scan QR code, run th...

crosstek by Community Member
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Nest Cam w/ Floodlight (wired) Offline / battery empty

Outdoor Cam/flood is hard wired. I replaced our hard-wired outdoor flood with motion so the driveway flood turns on when a car pulls in. This flood was wired to a light switch in the kitchen to turn it on/off when we wanted.A couple months ago I an e...

JonGia by Community Member
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Nest Hello chime box buzzing

I installed a Nest Hello doorbell this past summer. Worked great for awhile and technically is still working. It still rings when someone pushes the button and I can still access the video feed through my Google devices.The problem is that the chime ...

Mattkaz by Community Member
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Turn nest cam on and off with routines

Hi,I'm trying to setup a routine to turn on and off the nest cam with my google voice assistant, but it's not possible. I added two google cameras to my google home app, but when I try to make a new routine there's no way to turn on and off the camer...

jules82 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest App live Video Screeching via iPhone

My husband has the nest cam live camera feed playing on his iPhone all night via the nest app and it constantly makes this loud screechy static sound every couple seconds. He is able to sleep right through it but it drives me crazy. Please help me fi...

Tkandk by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell (wired) temperature in app

Hello. I have 2 nest hello (wired) doorbells. I do not have a thermostat. On the Nest app homepage, it has the temperature in *C and I would like it in *F. How can I do this or is it not possible without a thermostat?

Nest Doorbell set up

I cannot seem to get my Google Nest doorbell set up. During the set up process in Google Home, the app directs me to set up the doorbell in the Nest App. So I attempt to scan the QR code for set up and add the device in the nest app but the nest app ...

Google Nest Battery Doorbell

I have tried everything, but can not get my doorbell disconnected/released from the mounting bracket so I can charge it. Tried the tool, but nothing works. Any other ideas??