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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Nest Outdoor Camera cable replacement

My camera stopped working. I can only get it to work by replacing the original wire with a macbook USB-C wire so I know it's because of the wire. I'm not sure how it went bad, but it's gone bad. I need a replacement wire.

johnnyla by Community Member
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Nest doorbell notifications not working on iPhone

I was receiving notifications to my iPhone and Apple Watch but it has since stopped. We still receive notifications on iPads and other google products with no issues. I checked all settings and they are fine, turn off/on and do not see an update avai...

Lala911 by Community Member
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Camera history required by police

Hi,Police is searching for someone who passed my house yesterday and most likely was picked up by my camera. The problem is that I do not have the subscription and there is only 3h of history available. Is there any way to recover the history or it i...

AlexN by Community Member
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Nest Battery Camera Standby Defeat

We implemented two Nest battery powered cameras in our store recently for security reasons, but one issue we are running into is that the camera view times out after a few minutes and the screen goes dark. Because of this, I have to re-connect to the...

marcm by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Broken Doorbell Lens

Hello. I finally got around to installing my doorbell recently and it fell off of the mount and landed on the lens. Can you please help me figure out how to order a replacement lens or go about getting it fixed. I've only had it up for a week

Sechisho by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Gen 2 - Chime before setup

I am installing the Gen 2 doorbells on New Construction. At Rough we run the wires. At trim we install Transformer/Chime and doorbell. I'm having to make an additional visit onsite after the homeowner has taken possession, is there a way to avoid thi...

My cameras detect my dogs as (Person)

My cameras detect my dogs as (Person) and alerts for both indoor and outdoor cameras. And also a car as a (Person) on my driveway camera, which technically is a person but not the car. Both wired and older Nest products. Is Nest planning to update th...

Bea13 by Community Member
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Google Nest Battery Doorbell: Latch Stuck

The latching mechanism on my Google Nest Battery Doorbell is stuck after I've removed it from the mount to charge the battery. I cannot get it unstuck and therefore am unable to mount it again. Please advise as soon as possible.

Door notifying

I just transitioned from the Nest app to the Google app, and I no longer get notifications when someone is at my front door. Please abvise

Rust by Community Member
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Nest Hello lens fallen out

The lens on my Nest Hello has fallen out and will not stay in when I try to place it back? Is there a recommended way of restoring it, or does the whole unit simply need replacing (which would be a waste!)?

petecloss by Community Member
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