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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Nest Doorbell Notifications

When I bought the nest doorbell (battery), I was told to get the nest hub to get notifications for the doorbell and I assumed I would get a loud notification of some sort on the hub when the doorbell is pressed, but I only get a notification on my ph...

Ct4 by Community Member
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Nest lost all devices

Minus to count, lost all of my devices, and now my doorbell appears to be off-line or no longer connected to the account. I can’t see any of the history or alerts that used to be there. it wants me to add a new device.The thermostat also seems to be ...

Ursulaod by Community Member
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Nest Cam won’t download update

Rebooted and reset several times but neither one of my Nest Battery Cams will install in the app. I get to the point of download update and it just keeps staying at 14%. I reset the camera and try again then it hangs at 0% or 8%. I have never got eit...

angel63 by Community Member
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doorbell delay

I am so fed up with the google nest hub and doorbell.Only went best because we had a new heating system and the installer recommended it. That’s dreadful as well. I was expecting more from google. I’ve seen threads going back years about the delay fr...

DnLog by Community Member
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Indoor Chime

Does anyone have trouble with indoor chime not working? I’ve tried disconnecting the chime connector and it seems to work for about 10-15 minutes but then stopped working. With the proper connections to the chime connector and indoor chime box my doo...

Resolved! Video doorbell fails when used as a … DOORBELL

Camera cuts out specifically and only when the doorbell is ringing rung. Seriously? I can’t see who was at the door! This defeats the primary purpose of the product. If this can’t be resolved, I want a refund on the Nest Aware subscription I just sig...