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Cameras and Doorbells

Blog Posts

New updates to Google Home for camera users: new AI image detection, requested f... Read more

Nest Cam Outdoor (1st gen) expanded support rolling out into Public Preview for ... Read more

Nest Cam Indoor (1st gen) expanded support rolling out in the Public Preview of ... Read more

Forum Posts

Nest Camera Battery / Feature Request

It seems as though the Google Home App is slowly migrating the features that were available on the Nest App. I'm hoping that we will see the ability to share a public url from a video event in the near future. This feature is very helpful in sharing ...

Notifications Stopped Showing Previews - Wired Nest Outdoor

We have 3 wired outdoor cameras. As of yesterday, the notifications that show up on my Samsung home screen no longer show a preview video of the activity captured, I dont even get a still photo. I have to open the app to see whatever the cameras are ...

RiAu by Community Member
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Resolved! Cameras Offline

Our Google Nest cameras recently stopped working consistently. Nothing has changed with our WiFi including service and proximity to the cameras. I’ve tried rebooting my router and restarting my wired cameras. Neither step seems to have resolved the s...

Nest doorbell charging slowly even despite troubleshooting

This is my first time charging the Nest Doorbell (battery), it's only been in use for a few weeks.In the Google Home app, it keeps saying "charging slowly". It was charging for 3 hours and only went from 15% to 17% battery when it's supposed to be fu...

h4ngpt by Community Member
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