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Filter by zones

Hi all,is there a way in the video history to filter events per "user defined zones" in the Home app? I have multiple Google 2nd gen cams, and for each cam I have set multiple zones. When I go in video history I'm able to filter per cam or per event ...

Fraxlin by Community Member
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Nest wired doorbell only visible to owner

I installed the Nest App on my mother's Tablet and set up the wired doorbell with out issue. I then installed Google Home and invited my father to the household as a full access member. Both my parents have identical 5g Motorola phones. My mother is ...

Matt12 by Community Member
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No history

Hi. Went out of town for 6 days. Took my iPhone. Got back and there was no recorded history for the days we were gone. Any thought. ?

Sunflower by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Chipping - peeling

My Nest Doorbell is chipping and peeling. I'm worried my kid is going to snag their finger on some plastic. This seems to be very common after googling. Does anyone have a fix for this? a cover? a case replacement? Super worried. Very upset I spent $...

Need a replacement cable for Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

Like several others on this forum, I have a Nest Cam IQ Outdoor product where the power cable has suddenly stopped working. I was shocked to find that no replacement cable appears to exist (just the cable, that is). There appears to be a Nest Cam IQ ...

mikenitro by Community Member
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Can't track any more

I used to be able to track activity linearly, but after the last upgrade, I can only see from one notification to another, so I miss anything that does not set off a notification. How do I get full tracking back on my Samsung A12?Thank you!

Den1 by Community Member
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Well since this sites mods close unresolved issues because they have no idea what they're doing, I'm going to open up another thread, and another after that, until my problem is resolved. Google nest doorbell doesn't record all events, even though I ...

Christony by Community Member
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