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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Nest Hello doorbell that is peeling

Hello,Nest Hello doorbell that is peeling.I found lots of people complaining about the same problem in 2020, 2021. We bought our doorbell in 2021 and it started to show the same problem . Does this mean Google did know the problem but didn't do anyth...

YChil by Community Member
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Nest doorbell

I need a replacement camera for 1 of the 2 doorbells I purchased from sams. One is on the back and one is on the front. The battery on the front won’t stay charged and can’t see clearly out of it.

Brittany1 by Community Member
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Visitor Announcements on Phone

I'll apologize in advance if this is a dumb question, but is there a way to enable visitor announcements on my Android phone? I get a notification on my phone when someone presses the doorbell button, but it's the same type of notification as any oth...

dma999999 by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell (Battery) Won’t Hold A Charge

Hi! We’ve had our Nest system since September (or October) 2021. Last week our doorbell stopped holding a charge. Nothing changed in our settings etc. I will fully charge it and the following day it’s completely drained. Up until last week it would g...

Recover history.

I didn't get back to the responses in time. I didn't have a subscription for the Google nest cameras but I recently bought it. Is there a way to recover past history before I bought the subscription? Without the subscription what is the default amoun...

Mitchell2 by Community Member
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Nest Outdoor IQ suddenly offline

After 3 years of having our Outdoor IQ streaming from our front door with very few problems, suddenly yesterday it just went offline.Rebooting the router - nothingPower cycling the camera - nothingI've tried resetting it but the factory reset doesn't...

I can't add the Doorbell (gen1) to the Nest Home app

Hi there,I can't add the Doorbell (gen1) to the Nest Home app? I see the button in the app, but I can't click on it or select it.And when I try to add the Doorbell with my phone Home app, it let's me follow all the steps for installation but when it'...

Ymer by Community Member
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