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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest Doorbell Turn on Overnight

Hi GoogleI have read several threads where users are frustrated with the inability to schedule doorbells/camera to turn on/off at scheduled times.A common example would be a user wanting two scenarios:Away: Doorbell and Camera turned onHome: Doorbell...

Nest camera

When migrating my account to google my cameras did not migrate. I have tried to reconnect but the message says this camera is connected to another account..

Rww by Community Member
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Nest camera constant buffering

I have the following issue:On iphone and ipad constant buffering. On laptop its fine. My iphone and ipad are latest version. Everything up2date. Unifi network all 1000 gbps, clean. Its not my connection. I just deleted the cameras and reconnected the...

LMR2000 by Community Member
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Can’t login to my Nest App

I can’t login to my Nest App to check my cameras, I am currently out of the country and it won’t let me log into check cameras, I reset my password and i still can’t login.

Peek by Community Member
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Nest hub monitoring multiple cameras

I currently have 2 nest cameras and have been thinking about purchasing the door bell and nest hub. From the nest hub is it possible to automatically shift between your cameras to monitor both versus having to go in and select which one to view?

Cannot reconnect nest cam indoor wired 2nd gen

I moved Nest Cam to different house with new wifi. When I plug in Nest Cam, a white light comes on briefly then turns off. No blue light comes on and I am unable to connect to my new house. I deleted Nest Cam from my home app and was trying to set it...

mn1 by Community Member
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Mute battery doorbell

I have my Nest Battery Doorbell linked to my Nest Audio Speaker and I can't find a way to keep the doorbell from sounding when I'm sleeping other than by unplugging my Nest Audio which I'd rather not do constantly. The quiet time setting only goes up...