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Nest -> Google Home App

Hey all, Is it just me, or is the Google Home App terrible for Nest Cameras? I used the Next Cams with the Nest app for my businesses, which was great. It was easy to add a cam, to share, and setting up the subscription for video storage was a breeze...

jsnyc by Community Member
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Replacement magnetic mount - Nest Cam Outdoor

I have had my Nest Outdoor (wired) for about 2 years. During a move the magnet and mounting bracket have been damaged. How and where can I order a replacement so that I can continue using my Outdoor Camera?

Scheduling the Nest Floodlight in Google Home

Come on Google... When you launch a product and users have been used to using features in on e app and now all of a sudden these same features are not available in the newest app, it is extremely frustrating! I live in a rural area where unfortunatel...

Nest indoor wired cameras constantly going offline

Hello, I added 2 wired indoor Nest cameras to my set up in June 2022 and they go offline for hours almost everyday. I have AT&T fiber internet. One of the cameras is about 3 feet from my wireless router and the other is maybe 25 feet from an extender...

Sarool by Community Member
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Nest doorbell peeling

Good afternoon all My nest Doorbell has been peeling for a while it's starting to look a mess. I believe it would be out of warranty but have heard google tend to replace these. Can anyone help? Many thanks

Resolved! Not live steaming

I have 5 nest cameras and when i log in to see them on my PC or iPad i just get a continuous circle spinningi have tried using various web browsers including chrome an i get the same thing.i am seriously thinking about closing my subscription... Plea...

DaveW1 by Community Member
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Hello Nest Doorbell is peeling since about 6 months old!

My Hello Nest Doorbell is peeling and it's barely a couple years old. It started doing this within about 6 months. What's crazy is that it has NEVER gotten wet and is completely protected and shield from sunlight, rain and wind. It looks terrible. I'...

MrGames9 by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell -Wired in cold weather

Hello,How does the Nest Doorbell -wired version work in cold weather? I have read many posts about the Nest Doorbell battery version and its limitations with charging and cold weather operation. How low of a tremp will the wired version work in? Does...

mmonti by Community Member
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