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Charging taking hours.

I've got 2 nest cams. Both are now taking hours to charge & both are saying I should use the original cable & charger.Given both ARE using the original chargers & cable this has to be a probkem with the hardware.Is there an actual solution to this is...

Kelvin64 by Community Member
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Google nest batery doorbell

I am trying to set up and the doorbell is not flashing blue. I tried totally deleting the home app and reinstalled. Still not working.

kbsis by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Outdoor camera

New camera trying to put it into my existing system. Can’t get the camera to receive the serial number.

Hardwire Google doorbell to transformer, no chime

Hello, I have my own plug-in transformer with sufficient AC voltage and amperage. I would like to use this to power my google doorbell. Do I need to add an inline resistor and if so what value? Thank you.

4tier by Community Member
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Doorbell camara off

Hello I have the same problem that jes8. I get the notification on my phone, but when I try to see it, say Camera off. So how I fix this problem ?????

Clavel776 by Community Member
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Can't make custom clips with google nest cam battery

1/27: This is the second time posting this since the problem has not been resolved and the mods keep locking and closing the threads.Since making the transition to the Google Home app for newer cameras, the ability to record custom clips has been los...

P4ND4M0 by Community Member
  • 12 replies
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Floodlight missing!

I have several Nest camera floodlights. Two work perfectly, one has the floodlight icon missing completely now. What needs to be done to fix this? Is there a software update or does it need to be replaced (it is a pretty new unit)? Charles Drayton

gadgettr1 by Community Member
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