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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Charging doorbell.

I only partially charged the doorbell camera yesterday to 69% today I thought I'd fully charge it. When I plugged it in to charge nothing happens. Any idea what might be happening.

RS04 by Community Member
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Remotely turn offline cam on

Hi, is there a way to disable or remotely turn my mums camera back on?Mum uses the Nest daily to video call since having a stroke and it's her life line not being able to leave her bed. I live some distance from mum so this was an ideal solution to k...

timorex by Community Member
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iPhone error message - 'Update your browser'

Using the original Nest cams (5) and the original Nest app, when I pick on a notificatrion I have to sign in with my Google account (this is a crap design), then I have to choose an account (I have more than 1 Google account so more crap), and then I...

jriccardi by Community Member
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Google shutting down nest cams

I am wanting to know if nest cam owners will be getting some type of monetary reimbursement for our cameras which will not work after Sept 29th. This was never stated to me when I bought these very expensive cameras. I never thought even though my ca...

kimmel401 by Community Member
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None working cameras on Google app

Looking at this forum, I’m apparently meant to have been contacted about having a useless camera that soon will not be supported having been told to access via Google today it won’t open on the app at allBT advise it’s a Nest issue…