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Nest Camera is always zoomed in

My Google Nest Camera is always zoomed in when I open the Nest Camera app. I am not able to make out much of anything except a super specific part of our front yard.It just seemed to start doing it today. I dont seem any options in the Nest Camera Ap...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Screaming feedback

For over a year now when someone presses my Nest video doorbell I can hear them speak. But when I speak to reply, there is a dreadful, ear-splitting scream of feedback. I am very disappointed in this product and would welcome any advice. I had a loca...

Simon_S62 by Community Member
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Replacement backplate

Hi - someone's tried to remove my Nest Hello doorbell and it's bent the backplate. Can I get a replacement please?Cheers,Garan.

garand by Community Member
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no power supply

My mains electrical supply is easily turned off at the boundary of the property. Would this mean no surveillance?

Resolved! Nest Cam (Battery) not charging

Ive had the Nest Cam (Battery) for about 2 months now. It is mounted outdoors, and I have really enjoyed it until now. I tried to charge it last night, and for some reason, there is no indication that it is charging. No lights other than green are sh...

jsnoopy7 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Battery doorbell only storing last (actual) 3hrs

Hi, I recently purchased the Nest battery doorbell and its generally been fine. For the first time I've had reason to need to review an event from earlier in the day and found to my surprise that I can only view events that occurred in the last three...

indie by Community Member
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