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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest doorbell notifications Google Pixel 7a

I have recently bought 2 Google Pixel 7a's and a Google Battery Doorbell GenIIOne of my Pixel phones #1 gets Nest doorbell notifications notifications (house smart phone wifi only) while the other with cell service does not #2.They both did originall...

nest cameras offline after thunderstorm

Just spoke with tech support regarding the fact that my nest cameras go offline after ever single thunderstorm. Was told 1 in 20 cameras have this problem. Ummm, would nest like to fix this problem?? She offered that it could be a wifi problem or som...

Miss event, not recording sometime, people

my camera could be recording nothing sometimes, but then it said event not recording loss it’s not down to my Internet connection. I think it’s a server between my camera and your server this needs to be fixed. I cannot be paying for something and mi...

wallback by Community Member
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Feature Request- Camera Alert Snooze

PLEASE add a function (to the Google Home app) to snooze motion alerts for cameras (specific cams OR all cams, maybe a group, would be great). I have several Nest cams (indoors & outdoors) as well as hardwired cams from a popular manufacturer which h...

camera notification snooze.png
rsc by Community Member
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motion sensor distance.

From what I've read, the nest cam with floodlight has motion detection UP to 25 ft. The "up to" is my question. What determines the distance? The view is misleading. You can "see" but the camera does not capture all of that.

mchinery by Community Member
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"Upgraded" subscription - now no 24 hour recordings

Hello,For the last few years when I login to my doorbell cam on the web, I've been nagged to upgrade my subscription. I've resisted as the 5 days/24 hours per day was fine for my needs. Last week I saw the price of my old original sub was going up so...


Nest X Yale chime not "chiming"

I've only had my Nest X Yale for about a week. Today as we came home it didn't chime at unlock. I checked the app and my volume is set to high. Is this a known issue or is there a simple way to try to resolve this? Thanks!

Nedaria by Community Member
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Short in the nest cam outdoor camera

I recently noticed my outdoor corded nest cam wasn’t working or even getting power to it. I took it down and found that the usb part and the part the usb plugs into were burned as if there was a short in the wiring and now the camera does not work. I...

Prissya by Community Member
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