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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest Cam Notification

Hellois there a way to get nest camera notifications on my phone through the Google home app (this is set up) but also on my Google home hub (2nd gen) simultaneously? Can it also open the live feed upon receiving a notification on the home hub? thank...

MrJax by Community Member
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Connecting camera

I have downloaded the Google Home app and managed to connect one of the cameras however I bought a pack of two cameras and can’t connect the second camera any advice on what I’m doing wrong

Trudy by Community Member
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Damaged Lens

The mounting of my doorbell got "stuck" and when it popped off it landed on concrete. I now have a damaged lens and was wondering what steps I can take to repair/replace without buying a new one at full price. It still works but there's a blur from w...

This is crazy

Am I getting this right? When someone rings the doorbell, it will not announce on your phone and it won't immediately give you a video from the doorbell camera? What is a doorbell for? I can't believe that a company like Google would make such a usel...

Rick5 by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell battery not charging

I recently moved to a new home and installed the nest battery doorbell. After the first draining of battery, I attempted to charge the doorbell and no light comes on. It appeared that the doorbell charged about 10% in 12 hours. I am using the supplie...

"Customer Service" - what an oxymoron!

I've spent over an hour trying to get a live customer service agent - phone calls (they call me and when I asked they hang up - I call them and go on hold and then they drop the call before answering - try an online chat and it just says "creating a ...

PThein by Community Member
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