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Cameras and Doorbells

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Comparing the new 2nd generation Nest Cam (indoor, wired) to its predecessor, Ne... Read more

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Two phones and one doorbell

My husbands iPhone has the nest doorbell up and running I want the doorbell on my phone but the message is …this nest doorbell is connected to another account with the camera to be removed from its previous owner. This must be my husband. I am on the...

De38 by Community Member
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Nest IQ Camera Outdoor

In November 2021, I purchased a new "Google-Nest" camera to add to my other five cameras. I own two outdoor IQ cameras, a wired nest doorbell and two nest indoor cameras. I discovered immediately that I could not view, edit, save clips, using the web...

apollo97 by Community Member
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Nest Hello Doorbell (wired) Wi-Fi ?

The back doorbell was working but stopped due to low voltage (2 doorbells on 15v). Front door works fine. Replaced chime/transformer and rewired. Now have 23v on dedicated chime. Nest blue on ringer button then operation button blinks green and both ...

Wofstun by Community Member
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Lost mounting screws

For those of you that lost a mounting screw that attached the mounting plate to the mounting wedge: I found a screw that fits in the hardware I use to attach motherboards to cases. If you know of anyone who has built / tinkered with PCs, these are co...

Jasdr2 by Community Member
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Nest cameras

We have had our nest cameras for a couple of years, and they work great. Before they were a Google product we had a paid service per month so we could see events within the last 24 hours or more and record things that we wanted to save. I never recei...

Claudia by Community Member
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outdoor iq no power

Like so many others my outdoor iq camera just stopped working. 1 hour 45 minutes with tech support, tech support that was basic support at best which is covered by the webs troubleshooting methods only to be told my warranty expired end of November 2...

Skyle by Community Member
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Charging cord for camera

The camera is installed and plugged into the wire, how do I know if the wire is plugged into the camera? There is no sign to indicate a “charge” sign?

FiveNaroo by Community Member
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