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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Assistant still thinks I have a Ring Doorbell

I'm having an issue where it appears that Assistant still refers to my Ring doorbell at times when I give prompts hoping to get info about my new Nest Doorbell (Battery). This may be interfering with my ability to make the most of my Nest Doorbell vi...

Nest Hello lost power

Tuesday my Hello lost its power feed (yep, I cut the wrong wire in my basement). Today, friday, I believe I have it reconnected properly. The camera is not streaming, door chime not working, I only see an occasional green light.Would this mean I do n...

EDonn by Community Member
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Nest doorbell wired connected to Honeywell 3230

I have connected the Nest Hello (wired) to existing Honeywell. I first connected it to 1 and 3 but this only gave a constant buzz and no Power was given. I changed it as in picture Now and this gave Power. Now Its problem that the indoor chime does n...

Oivindby by Community Member
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Cannot set up nest battery camera

I once had my battery camera set up and I have unsuccessfully been able to get it reconnected. I have tried everything I have followed the instructions. The lights have turned to their respective colors and nothing. It’s spools for several minutes af...

My Nest Door bell - Green light - but offline

Hello,My Doorbell has been disconnecting on and off lately. Then finally, one day a couple of weeks ago, it disconnected and never connected again. At first, I thought it was some issue with the power, but the green light on the doorbell is lid. Howe...

Bakchoi by Community Member
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No signal when streaming from nestcam to chromecast tv

The tv does recognize nest cam when i use the command. The stream starts and i get a camera icon with a slash trough. This would mean the nest cam is not available but streaming does work on my phone. İ tried 5ghz and 2.4ghz wifi and it made no diffe...

Murkiy by Community Member
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