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Cameras and Doorbells

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Feit video doorbell issue

I just bought a feit wireless video doorbell and the added it to the feit app all connected on that end to to google home and click add device and go to works with Google like the box says it does and click on feit then get notification to no compati...

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Nest wired doorbell no video when rung

Our Nest Hello (wired) has recently (last couple of months?) begun wigging out when it is rung. We cannot see nor talk to the person at our door. This ONLY happens when someone rings it. It is fully functional, both video and talking, otherwise. As i...

alleecmo by Community Member
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Camera time notifications

Has google sorted out the notifications for certain timed settings. I only want notifications from my cameras at night time and not every time one of my kids run past it

Nesty123 by Community Member
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Kissing all events

Hi, I wish I could get in touch with someone about nest camera outdoor. My camera doesn’t record anything at nights. Then when I checked history: I have anything for previous days, nothing, no history. Why?

Refugal by Community Member
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Repair Nest Outdoor camera cord

I am trying to repair the power cord for my outdoor camera. A section of the cord from the plug to the USB connecter box was chewed through by a rodent. I cut out the bad piece, which was near the plug fortunately, and connected a new replacement plu...

MarinusW by Community Member
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Can you track a stolen camera

We have had two cameras stolen from our house about a year ago and I just now realize that if I would’ve submitted, I could’ve gotten cameras replaced by Nest. That’s not a big problem however, now I’m wondering if the person who stole it and is now ...

John5004 by Community Member
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