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I have just connected mi smart clock to my device but when it comes to bluetooth connection step, it takes a lot of time and still won't connect. Someone please help me :((

Nest aware (wired cam 2) - re-add familiar faces

Hi, I have the Nest camera wired (new version)I have recently set it up, and we had facial recognition enabled and it worked fine. I accidentally deleted a face, and now i cant seem to add that person back. Whever they appear on the camera, it now fl...

Cut and connect manually the Nest power cable

Hello,I bought a Nest Camera Outdoor, but I don't have a power outlet near where I want to hang the camera. Can I cut the supplied power cable and connect it manually in an electrical box? I can of course also mount a socket, but I don't want that.I ...

Ruud by Community Member
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Nest IQ Cam Not Powering up

My Nest IQ Outdoor Camera will not power on. When I pull the USB-C plug out of the camera's port and put it back in, rest factory, switched on and off multiple times - none of them have kick-started the camera back on - No blue, green, or any indicat...

JRVincent by Community Member
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Nest cam notifications through Hub

I got a Nest hub to compliment the new Nest cameras but soon realised they don't really work together other than pulling up the live stream. Why is there no option to choose alert notifications through the hub?Why don't Nest products offer an enhance...

doby by Community Member
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New Nest Cameras Can"t save Clips

I now have 8 cameras on the Nest web site so I can see all my camera feeds on one screen. The new one only goes on the Google Home app which is the phone only. Beyond the obvious problem with have 8 feeds in one place and 1 feed in another, how do yo...

jbrick by Community Member
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