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Nest Aware sharing

I am not tech savvy. I have a Wired Nest Doorbell but I have no subscription because I just want simple doorbell coverage as we are in our 70’s and need best security. I haven’t migrated to Google. My sons, who live many miles away, want access to ou...

Billed twice

Hi,I signed up for the one year subscription of nest aware plus for $120. I received an email confirming my order. I then looked at my credit card and I was charged $60 and $120. I chatted with a Google rep. I asked what the other $60 charge was for....

google mine,

can't get the blue tooth on my ms surface book tooth to recognize my google device and have all updates. Was able to do it on my old surface book, but not this one,

joev45 by Community Member
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Unable to ad my work gmail account to my home account

Following all the documented steps on my Android device but get the following error at the end:Error msg: “Can’t send invite right now." Try again.There was another thread where everyone was having this issue, but it was closed with zero resolution.


It seems Nest aware is down. Is this due to it migrating to Google ? When will it be back up where I can see 24/7 recording?????

Fassina by Community Member
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No more 24/7 recording

So, it seems that when Google took over the Nest product, they also took away 24/7 video recording. Which SUCKS. It now only records "events" when the cameras hears or sees something. But it misses a lot. Does anyone know if it's possible to downgrad...

Nest aware

My nest aware doesn’t seem to be recording video and am unable to access my nest aware account/subscription information on my iPhone.

Carjones by Community Member
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